Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Easy Way to Generating SEO Traffic

By Ben Ehinger

Do you want to get a ton of traffic flowing to your website from all corners of the internet? Generating SEO traffic is not a hard task, if you are specialized in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So what do you do if you are not an SEO specialist?

There is a strategy that I have been using in order to grow my traffic every week. Basically with a little general knowledge of web design you can easily be generating a ton of traffic each month.

Start by finding a bunch of articles that are of a similar subject matter as your website. Once you have 10-20 to start you can move on to building a webpage around each one of them. Make sure you don’t change anything about the article and you include the author bio box. This will keep you out of trouble with the copyright laws.

The webpage that you build should also include your website page links down the right hand side. When people go to this webpage to read the article they will click on your links and visit your website. This is a very targeted visitor since they already showed interest in the article.

The traffic will be there because most authors have already optimized their articles for keywords that will bring in a few hundred visitors a month. If you have a bunch of these sites up you will get tons of hits as well. It is a win, win situation for you and the author of the article.

The more web pages you build the more traffic you will generate so get to work. Build 20 sites a week and in months you could have thousands of hits a week. Give your sites about 2-14 days to get listed and you will start seeing web traffic.

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